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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

rolex times

myself and mrs w had a pub lunch with credit and mrs credit on saturday.

it was a good laugh, we talked about trainers, bearbricks, holidays,
coffee and restaurants.
...all was good apart from the 'art' on the walls.

at one point i noticed mrs credit's watch, which i hadn't spotted previously
( and i'm a bit of a watch spotter )
it turned out she'd bought it just hours before meeting us.

naturally, it being a rolex, the timekeeping was a bit off so mrs w showed 
her how to change the time without ballsing up the date
how about that... mrs w and mrs credit have pretty much the same watch
( give or take a few diamonds )

of course neither of them are as good as a casio g-shock at keeping time
but that's the whole thing with a rolex isn't it ?

get yourself a nice panerai ladies... it's the way to go !

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