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Monday, 9 January 2012

michael sodeau ... and the first competition of 2012

one of my favourite designers is a bloke called michael sodeau.

not only did he make one of my favourite chairs of all time
( it was upholstered in tweed ) 
but he also designed possibly the coolest stationary range going.
he's also did the interior of a restaurant in camden, designed special
pieces for a resort in portugal. he made a corking sofa that a friend of mine has
( in bright orange... my favourite colour right ? )

oh it's probably easier to just have a look at his website:

anyway, what i'm leading to is this...

i have these two pretty rare items which michael designed years ago
can you guess what they are ? 
they're about 7 inches tall by the way...
oh and the bottom part is made out of wood and the top is ceramic.

ok here's what they are...
they are ring trees, you know... for keeping your rings on.

i think they look beautiful. not only do they look good but they are really 
nice to hold. the wood and the ceramic work well together.
they look good, and they do a job too.

the only bad thing is that they are called 'gunners' edition
grrr ! named after arsenal.
still... you know me, i do love a limited edition and this colourway was a limited
edition of 10. plus the girl in the shop where i bought them from said she'd broken 
one, so technically there are at most only nine of these in the world !

so... competition time.
as you can see, one of my ring trees is number 2 out of 10.
what i want to know is... what number is the other one ?

the usual rules apply, comment below, leave your name and only
one guess per person. if more than one person get's the right answer then
i'll think of a tie-break question.

talking of tie-break, i'm going for a thai break next week
which brings us to the prize for this competition...

the prize will be something from thailand... i've no idea what yet, 
but i will buy a special something in thailand especially for this competition.

good luck