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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

self-portrait in bangkok 10500

a far from satisfactory postcode system in thailand.
i would have preferred it to be bk10500 but never mind.

a couple of mights from the end of my trip to phuket
i posed up for my first self-portrait in two weeks.
top by charles svingholm*
trousers by paul smith
footwear by nike / liberty
spectacles by tom ford

*this top was made especially for me by charles. 

he only makes clothes for women ( and for himself )
but after doing a shoot for him he kindly measured me up
and made this top. he also made me a similar top in white
and two pairs of linen trousers... one pair in black, the other white.

yes the sleeves are kind of flared at the end and it is trimmed with lots
of sequins but i think it's a great thing to wear on holiday in thailand.

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