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Friday, 27 January 2012

more iphone breakfast pics

i pretty much worked my way through the sala phuket breakfast menu
over the past two weeks. my favourite had to be the steak and eggs
but there were days when i just wasn't feeling hungry at breakfast.

on days like those, i opted for the n7 special... 2 poached eggs on brown toast.
of course it wasn't much like the n7 version.
here they give you mashed potato with every breakfast.
can you see the indentation in the centre of the mash ?
that's where there was a tomato before i had it removed.

also just one slice of toast... ordinarily this would irk me more than somewhat
but in phuket, the brown bread was massive... almost the size of two 
regular slices would be in n7, so i let it pass without complaining.
genius eggs too.

good work sala phuket.

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