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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

a bathing ape in shanghai

as you may know, i'm still a bit of a fan of a certain japanese brand.

i bought my first piece of bathing ape clothing in 2002 and although
i've slowed down a lot and stay clear of the louder pieces these days,
i do still like to buy the odd top, shorts and especially accessories.

i also like to keep an eye out for other people wearing bape kit.

in the uk it's pretty much a certain type of bloke who wears bape,
but in japan and china you see a lot of girls wearing it too, and little kiddies.

in shanghai the other week i saw lis little lad rocking a baby milo tee
good boy

check out his little bape camo shorts too
very tidy.

a couple of hours later when we were stopping off for lunch we walked past this place
the shanghai bapestore located in the i.t. department store
( i think i.t. bought bape last year )

here's a shot of the side entrance, which is inside the shopping mall
which leads you into the massive kids section
( i mean there is a large selection of clothing for children, not that they have
a range of clothes for oversize kids )

look at all these little togs for the nippers
not bad !

looking up to the first floor
very nice indeed... bearing in mind that one window with the shark hoodies
is almost as big as the bape store in london.

inside the store the decoration was excellent
big walls with white on white apehead camo

and a green first camo ceiling
it was around this point that one of the employees told me that photography
is not allowed.

i do have one more photo of bape in shanghai to show you though...
for the record i was wearing a white on white apehead camo polo shirt
and first camo cargo shorts.

you'd think that being a tourist, wearing bape gear and buying some pieces in their
shop would have got me some friendly service wouldn't you ?


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