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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

staff meal

last week when i was photographing some food in a restaurant in w1
the boss told me to check out the staff food. i left my camera and lights and
went over to the pass where the staff were queuing up for their lunch.
nice plates !
wow ! i really want some of these. i wonder where you can buy them ?
chinatown perhaps ? ( they were plastic by the way )

anyway, the plates weren't the important thing. the important thing was 
what the staff were having for lunch...
skill !

fishfingers and chips !
you beauty !

how many fishfingers ?

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  1. When you see Chinese food everyday, suddenly chips seem really appetising.

    If you go in back alley street by Price Charles cinema there's See Woo supermarket. Go in, turn right towards cash tills. Before you get to tills there's a staircase going downstairs. You can buy crockery there plastic and china. Can get cool mugs with a in built sieve for tea leaves too for under £3. Yellow for men (colour of the Emperor- sun imagery). Red for women (for luck and fertility I guess).