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Sunday, 8 July 2012

a few photos from china

it's time i got back to normal blogging really isn't it ?
you know... self-portraits on shoots, what's on my coffee table, my trainers,
flat whites and all that nonsense.

but i've got a few spare photos from china to show you and rather than make 
them into lots of little posts and bore you, let me put them into a couple of
big posts ( and bore you )

ready ?

right, here are a few photos i took in china that have been skulking around in my blog 
folder for the past week or so.

i took this to test my m9 after the flight over from london.
it's two 1948 bags that i brought with me  to give as gifts
( they have t-shirts inside them )

yeah that's a little too close.
me in a building which is soon to be something very special.

i can't tell you what this place is going to be, but i can tell you it's going to be amazing.
i'd really like to go back there in a year and recreate this shot but with the 
interior finished and perfect.

i didn't see a lot of heat in shanghai to be honest. 
these are not my style ( adidas nizzas ? ) but they did look good.

the view from the balcony of the restaurant 'mr and mrs bund'

and again a little while later.

revolving lights projected onto the floor outside the bathrooms
at mr and mrs bund.

a very tired me at the end of the first day in shanghai.
this was on tuesday night having last slept on sunday night.

my room.
after going 48 hours without sleep i was going to kip like a boss right ?

wrong !

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  1. Are they genuine Adidas kicks? Look a bit fake to me. Or maybe because it's on small feet so the ratio is all wrong.