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Monday, 16 July 2012

nike air force 1 olympic edition uk exclusives

i pre-ordered these a month or so ago.

it seemed like a good idea at the time... an af-1 exclusive to the uk
to celebrate the london olympics.

what could possibly go wrong ?

the box turned up at whitfield towers
so far so good.

and the reveal...
i suppose they look quite good but a white midsole and a white outsole ?

think how much better they would have looked with a gum out.
yes, i know... a gum out is an easy option and is possibly getting a bit common
these days so...
imagine these with an ice out ? a pale blue out ? even grey or yellow ?

and i've still no idea what the story is with the tongue tabs
'was' ?
does anybody out there know what that is supposed to mean ?
after much research i just found out... and although these are from the
'nike road to london' pack, to commemorate the forthcoming olympic games...

... the 'was' bit is short for 'washington'

it's to do with some world basketball championships or something !
wouldn't it have been better to have 'london' on the tongue tabs ?
or '2012' or a union jack ?

moving on, the tip, the toe box, the eye stay and the mid panel are all constructed
from the cheapest leather i've ever seen on an af-1. it may even be plastic or
fake leather... whatever you call it.
it's a shame really because this is not just a general release.
it's a limited release uk exclusive.
personally i think it reflects badly on the uk or on what nike think of us.
i'd rather pay a few bob more and be dealing with some quality soft leather.

the swoosh and heel tab are also in the same cheap-ass material
with the nike air and swoosh stitched in pale blue cotton.
but the foxing as you can see here and in the photo above, is constructed from
a really nice and i'd say rare material. it's a kind of woven silky material.
it's a bit like chain mail or a hi-tech knitted space suit.
it's a great material and not one i've seen before on an af-1.

if nike had put me in charge, i'd have had the whole upper made out of this

but they didn't put me in charge.
bringing mild warmth to the streets of n7

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  1. The tongue tab says WAS which is short for washington, as these are to celebrate the world basketball festival this year which stopped off in washington in july i think