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Saturday, 21 July 2012

project padlock ( the road to 1000 )

for the first two years of blogging i made it a bit of a mission to reach 1000 posts.

previously i paid no attention to the number until around october then 
went all out posting a load of things just to hit the 1000 post mark.

just the other day i looked at the total for this year and it made me think
i'm going to struggle to hit the 1000 mark in 2012.


i won't lie, the novelty of blogging is wearing off a little and next year is going
to be different. i think for 2013 i am just going to do one post per day.
i will try and cut out the rubbish and just show you decent photos and decent

however, for 2012 i'm going to try and hit the 1000 mark again and the only way
i think i can do that is by getting on your nerves and posting lots of silly posts.

one way of doing that is by showing you some photos i took in china last month.
but rather than show them all to you in one post, i'm going to spread them out.
one photo per post.

this could get boring because the photos i'm going to show you are all of padlocks.

that's right, chinese padlocks.

i don't know why, it's just what i do. sometimes i see things and even though they
might seem mundane or average... i kind of think they are beautiful.

i've rambled far too long here... let's start with project padlock ( the road to 1000 )
with the first chinese padlock.


more to come... many more to come !

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