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Friday, 20 July 2012

nike air force 1 year of the dragon 2's

this shows how i've been neglecting my blog recently.
i've had these bad boys since 22nd june and only now have i got
around to showing you some photos.

as ever... the tease
the af-1 30th anniversary box with special plastic dragon sleeve.
the same sleeve as used with the first year of the dragons

oh, i got these in shanghai by the way, so the box has a few little
differences to the uk effort.
although i usually take a uk 8.5 size i've been getting an 8 more often
over the past year or so. i've heard a few people have started taking a half-size 
less too. as bape t-shirts have become smaller, nike's af-1's have become larger.

some sort of bonus chinese sticker
the ocd in me is grrr-ing that the sticker wasn't put on straight though.

another little chinese nike sticker on the box
and now that i've set a new personal best for the tease
( 4 photos of the box )

here's the reveal
ay carumba !
these are amazing. lots and lots of nice details and they even feel special
when you just hold them.
i'm not sure what they're officially called though. some people refer to them
as water dragons, others as year of the dragon 2's.

where to start with these ?
they come with the xxx dubres, pale blue laces with gold tips,
a spare pair of red laces with gold tips and pale blue soft leather eye stays

the tip is also in the really soft pale blue leather
and the toe box is in a red kind of suede, dragon scale material

each part of this shoe is absolute quality, but perhaps the best bit is...
the tongue. 
it has a dragon face tongue tab and a woven tongue with blue leather loop and trim

the swoosh is in a metallic gold leather
with a pale blue leather secondary swoosh.
the mid panel is in the red dragon scale material

the foxing also uses the red dragon scale
which sits on a white leather wrap midsole with pale blue contrast stitching
and a clear ice blue outsole.

the heel tab and heel strip are constructed from the same soft pale blue
leather used on the tip and the tongue
and have a gold stitched year of the dragon symbol

the insoles are probably the best insoles i've seen
and a soft pale blue padded sock liner gives them a luxurious feel.

these are absolutely cracking shoes
and i have to say a big thank-you to rocky for getting them for me
a day before they released

and finally...
bringing heat to the streets of n7

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  1. I believe these came out better than the Black YOTDs. Details are everything.