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Sunday, 15 July 2012


i was in china to work, but on the final day i had 30 minutes to kill before
our table was ready for lunch ( so i went to bape, remember ? )

i also had 90 minutes to myself before the team evening meal on the last night.
i passed this time by having a meeting with the nicest bloke in shanghai
then being taken to a legendary shop called "juice"

naturally i had to buy something from juice and here's what i chose...
i like the clot tag... "for the thorough"

it reminds me of the big lebowski... 
"he's a good man... and thorough"

here's a look at these bad boys without the clot tag messing up the shot
can you tell what they are yet ?

that's right
hand stitched leather covers for keys... in a variety of colours

made by hobo from some very nice soft leather
i like the leather tags that come attached to the key covers.

hobo... a companion for your odyssey.

( details )

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