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Friday, 13 July 2012

hiut denim

how come nobody told me about this before ?

i thought you were all looking out for me ?

i can't even remember how i discovered it but i did, and it's genius.

hiut denim. a small company in wales making beautiful jeans using
japanese selvedge denim.

win / wynn.

a couple of days after my order a package arrives at whitfield towers.
so far so tidy

and now the reveal
regular fit five pocket jeans made from raw selvedge 14oz denim.

i've mentioned the word 'details' before right ?
well these jeans are off the scale. the details are incredible

and almost as importantly
they're made in wales !

the denim used by hiut is from kuroki, the artisanal japanese denim mill.
it is dyed with natural indigo to give it a deep blue colour and it's
unwashed 14oz.

the pocket linings are made from super tough ecru twill
and each pair of jeans is signed by the person who made them.

the pocket edge seams are bound for a stronger and cleaner finish
did i mention they're made in wales ?

a nice touch is the owl on the leather patch at the back of the jeans
and the year of manufacture

each pair also has one signature red owl rivet on the back pocket

button fly

quality details

and of course each pair of jeans has it's own unique history tag number
to learn about the history tag, hiut jeans, to read their story and to see where i cribbed most of my words from, visit:

hiut only make 10 pairs of jeans per day.
their aim is to make the best, not the most.

trust me, if you like quality jeans, buy a pair from the website.

sure, there may be a bit of a waiting list but it's worth the wait.


  1. only in wales would a town called cardigan be famous for making jeans!

  2. eeyores-sister: yes they fit like a glove.

    nick nameless: i like that you didn't use capital letters.

  3. Awesome post.

    I'm a proud member of the red-rivet family (#18/200 thanks to Elin)