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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

on my coffee table this week

which reminds me... i really need to pop over and see my friend magnus 
in his new studio. ( magnus designed my coffee table by the way )

and on my coffee table this week...
a dvd, a cd and a book

dvd: gentleman broncos
by the director of 'napoleon dynamite' ( one of my favourite ever films )
and nacho libre ( which i liked bits of )

this film is rubbish.

i don't recommend it.

i watched maybe 30 minutes then switched it off.

book: ?
i've no idea what the book is called. i bought it in china.
and the reason i bought it... i liked the cover.
( that's how i buy most of my books )

i thought it would look good on my coffee table and also it's an interesting
little book to flick through while having an espresso and a shortbread biscuit.

cd: bobby womack - the bravest man in the universe
to me this seems like music very similar to 'endtroducing' by dj shadow,
or maybe the first u.n.k.l.e. album and then bobby womack comes in and
sings over the top of it.

i recommend this album very much.

if you don't believe me, just head to youtube and type in 'dayglo reflection'
it's a duet from the album with lana del rey.

or listen to the title track.

trust me on this one. it's the perfect album for the beautiful summer of 2012

what ?


  1. As always I enjoy the coffee table feature. Thanks for the warning on the DVD, that reminds me I should look at gettin napoleon dynamite out for a watch... I also thoroughly enjoyed OSS lost in rio which was a coffee table DVD (and I was lucky enough to win it in a competition)!

  2. thanks. the coffee table posts are not just about recommending. they are also about warning you away from films, books and cds.

    are you saying you've never watched napoleon dynamite or that you need to re-watch it ?

    and yes, oss lost in rio is also a classic. it lead to big things for jean dujardin too.

  3. never watched it. must see what the fuss is about.

  4. what ?!

    if i knew how to block you from my blog i would.

    go and watch 'napoleon dynamite' this weekend and report back to me on monday.

    consider this a warning.