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Saturday, 7 July 2012

china girl

being a tall westerner in china was quite interesting.

a few times i had people come up to me and ask if they could have their
photo taken with me. as you know, i'm not one to pose but in the interest of
anglo / chinese relations i always obliged.

it's a shame i don't have a pic on my camera but these two girls asked me
to take their photo.
then the one on the right asked her friend to take one of me and her together.

i guess i don't really need a photo to show you... you can imagine how it looked.

right ?

no ?

in that case ( with the help of photoshop ) let me kind of show you how it looked...

it was something like this
she looked smiley and happy.
i hit the standard n7 pose and said something along the lines of
"this'll be one to show the kids"

boom !

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  1. Brilliant. You should have been blond you would have gotten twice the attention. My friend told the Mainlanders she was a celebrity. They believed her.