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Thursday, 12 July 2012

the society club

as you know, i'm always on the lookout for coffee.

last week i took the boss out to the society club in soho for a sneaky
coffee and a chat about this and that.

unfortunately i didn't take any photos of the coffee, or the fine selection
 of biscuits available at the society club. maybe another time soon.

the reason i didn't take any photos of the coffee and caramel wafers ( that's right )
is that i was too busy photographing the fine selection of dogs available at
the society club.

have a looky
the lad at the back only had one eye by the way.

but i only had eyes for this little chap
he was so lazy that he couldn't be bothered pulling his tongue in while he had a rest.

i think i want a chihuahua.

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