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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

footpatrol x converse first string pro leather low-tops

these bad boys are pretty special.

converse first string is the brand's upper tier line that is pretty fussy about who
it associates it's name with.

footpatrol as you probably know is a legendary trainer shop in sunny london.

obviously i'm going to start this post with the tease...
nice box with a photo of dr. j on it.
nice drawstring bag too.

oh my word... another tease
spearmint logo on the outsole because...

... these bad boys are finished with a spearmint colour premium nubuck leather.
they are special for a few reasons but perhaps the first thing you should know 
is that there are only 40 pairs of these for sale in the world !

that's right... only 40 pairs for sale worldwide.

details ?
let's start with this.
the footpatrol gasmask logo debossed into the leather on the exterior panels.

footpatrol branded aztec print insoles

the same print is used on the tongue, which is contrasted nicely with 
the converse all star tab in spearmint green
it's almost a shame to have to lace these up. the tongue is magic.

the aztec print material is used again on the heel tab and strip
while the footpatrol 'f' and 'p' are stitched onto it

these bad boys came fitted with off white laces to match the outsoles
but i dropped the spare spearmint set on them
which i think was the correct decision.

bringing heat to the streets of n7.

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