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Thursday, 26 July 2012

nike air force 1 rosie's dry goods

the postman delivered to whitfield towers last week
standard af-1 box

and the reveal...
what do you think ? 
they look a bit sinister don't they ?

they're called 'rosie's dry goods' editions

they come fitted with very nice dubres. i haven't seen any like this before
they have a leather insert... not bad

the tip, the eye stay and the mid panel are constructed from a black leather
with a 3m croc print on it. mainly the shoes look all black, but when you get
the reflections right the croc pattern kicks out.
the toe box is in a soft black leather with 'rosie's dry goods' printed onto it in 3m

soft black leather on the foxing, heel tab and strip
and a nice detail is the basketball replacing the nike air and swoosh

another decent detail is the insole
no idea what it's about. some sort of patterned rose ?
to be honest i've no idea what 'rosie's dry goods' is all about either.
any ideas ?
i guess the rose is to do with rosie's but i really don't know anything about these.

they are quality things though. the leather is really soft.
it kind of reminds me of an eames lounger... that type of leather.
the laces are black and waxed and they have the heavy metal silver tips...
the proper ones with the screw-on ends.

these bad boys have a black leather wrap midsole
with a strange red and black outsole. maybe you can see in this pic but the outsole
is kind of vicious. the black edges seem extra long and sharp... a bit like the sole
on the af-1 duck boots.

here's a look at the underneath of these shoes
i'll be honest with you. these feel amazing. the leather is top notch. they have lots of
good details and all that but... i'm not totally convinced.

however, they feel good on and i'm sure i'll get used to them
bringing heat to the streets of n7

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  1. I dig these. They weren't even on my radar until you posted them. Im impressed with the sole and the red accent mark. Another great pick up by the big man.