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Monday, 2 July 2012

on my coffee table this week

i know... it's been a while.

i don't know why i suddenly packed in my coffee table reviews.
perhaps it's because i don't buy as many cds as i used to ?
i also went through a phase of buying books and then i probably
stopped around january time.

maybe i should just do one every week anyway, even if they're old cds, 
books and dvds from my collection. after all, it's just about me recommending
things... they don't have to be new releases.

anyway, let's have a butchers at what's on my coffee table this week*


the girl with the dragon tattoo
the girl who played with fire
the girl who kicked the hornets' nest
don't judge me !
i know, i know... i'm way behind the times here and no i haven't read the books.
i bought this set in leeds the other day because on the flight from shanghai
to london a couple of days earlier i watched the american re-make starring
daniel craig.
and i must say, the new version was really good. 
i'd say it was the best film i've seen for a good while.

i can't get involved in arguing if it's better or worse than the original because
i haven't watched these films yet, but the original is supposed to be good right ?
and this is three films plus an extra dvd of stuff all for a tenner.

( it's a few days since i wrote this post and i have now watched the first two films of this trilogy. so now i feel like i can get involved with the discussion and say that the first
film is quite good, but not as good as the daniel craig version. also the second film
is rubbish ! )

the a303 highway to the sun by tom fort
it's been well documeted on my blog... i've dropped many un-subtle hints...
i love getting presents.
through the post or in person i just love getting presents.

i'm about two and a half years into blogging now and i've been lucky enough to
have received a few nice gifts from people because they've read and liked the
nonsense that i do here every day. this book is the latest thing to turn up at
whitfield towers, a gift from somebody who comments on my posts quite often.
somebody who has paid attention... knows i like presents and knows i like the a303.

 i haven't read it yet, but i recommend it.

one day i'm going to soar
i'll be honest. 
i recommend things that i think people should definitely see / read / listen to.
yes this cd is on my coffee table. yes i like it very much, but no...
i do not recommend you buy it.

i absolutely love this album but i'm sensible enough to realise that it's not going 
to be everybody's cup of tea.
i guess me and kevin rowland go way back. from the first dexys single 'dance stance'
to my theme song from his flop solo album with the shocking cover...
 i've always liked his stuff.
this is a kind of concept album. it's about a bloke. he talks to his friends, he 
falls in love with a girl... or does he ? he woos the girl, they fall out, he talks some
more to his friends... that's it really.

it's more of a soap opera / musical theatre thing than an album of catchy songs.
but... there are some catchy songs on there.
oh, it's hard to explain... what can i say ?

i guess i should just say... " i like this album... don't buy it "

* with thanks to british airways, nick nameless and kevin rowland

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