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Saturday, 17 August 2013

a gift from singapore

a couple of weeks ago this arrived at whitfield towers
hmmm... it wasn't even my birthday.

it was from singapore
from a friend of mine called marc

here's the breakdown of the thing
there's nothing quite like receiving unexpected gifts through the post.
especially when they are carefully thought out gifts like these.

a bearbrick x uniqlo t-shirt
qpr ?

nice logo

nice sleeve tag too
a cracking effort as usual from uniqlo

oh the t-shirt also came with this
a 70% bearbrick.

marc also included some of his prints ( he's a photographer )
and some of his business cards

and finally...
a little orange food tray. ideal for an espresso and a macaroon.

big thanks to marc for this fantastic package.

if you're interested to know about my friend, i can best describe him as being 
like me but probably half my age and from the other side of the world.

have a look at this 

or even this

diolch marc

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  1. amazing detailed blog post!

    and you're welcome! :)