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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

iphone wednesday and now i'm never gonna be the same again

i had a few iphone pics left over from last week so let's sneak them in today.

i splashed out on some new jeans* a coupe of weeks ago.
by edwin for margaret howell.
grey selvage... not bad.

i love the late evening warm light that floods into whitfield towers.
it casts some great shadows on my post-modern porcelain / plastic tat.

i took my jam jar in for a service last week.
next door to the garage was a pub that's open in the mornings for breakfast.
so i piled in and sure enough they advertised flat whites on their menu.
this is what they gave me when i asked for one.
i was far from amused.

n7 t-shirts.
don't ask.
( actually, you can ask if you are interested in buying one )

this happy chap will soon be representing n7 in nagoya.

free stickers with every t-shirt.
what's not to like ?
put your orders in now.
get 'em while they're hot, they're lovely
etc, etc...

and today's video.
a trailer for a film i very much recommend.
minnie driver does a cracking welsh accent ( best accent in the world )
and king richard sings.
it's all good.

* leave it.

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