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Friday, 30 August 2013

iphone friday

i won't lie.

well i will, but i won't lie about this weekend and my lazy blogging.

i'm going to do an iphone friday but also an iphone saturday.

possibly even an iphone sunday.


starting where i left off last friday with a guest photographer.
that culinary genius and grizzled chum of mine in toronto canada,
chris sent me this pic a week or so ago.
it's basically heaven in a cardboard box though obviously i have to dock
points for the green stuff.

nice work chris, and seriously, if anybody else wants to be praised / named and shamed
here on n7's premier blog site... just email or text a pic or two over to me.

where to begin with these ?

a collab between undefeated and clot.
these aren't even going on sale in the uk or indeed in europe.

they are exactly the sort of trainers i'd like to get my friend benito's opinion on.
i dread to think what he would say.
but seriously these are incredible and as ever it's difficult to get the full story
from these shoddy iphone pics.
a full post with decent photos will be coming soon.

i was doing an interiors shoot last friday and look who popped in to see me.
hello mr squirrel.

my friend marc has a thing going called sneakers and coffee.
or is it coffee and sneakers ?
er, anyway, here's one of my efforts from last friday.

you know how i always bitch up places if they don't offer me a coffee on a shoot ?
well last friday's shoot was magic darts.
really nice people there who offered me a coffee before i started work and also a coffee after i finished.
but the touch was when they gave me a black pudding scotch egg at lunchtime.
the people were so nice i didn't even throw a temper tantrum about the green stuff.

i stayed in the countryside last weekend. it was a topsy turvy kind of place.
very nice food, but i wasn't convinced about the room.
nice key-ring though.

these are the tops i took with me.
the white shanghai polo creased like a fool due to my rubbish packing
grrr !

what the what ?!
oyster and vinegar flavour crisps...
contains real oyster ?

that's a dealbreaker.


final pic of the day. 
so after having a scotch egg for lunch, what would you expect me to have as
a starter for my evening meal ?


( i'm trying not to mention the green stuff incase you think i'm a fussy eater )

1 comment:

  1. mark, I've never had a scotch egg and the more I see your photos of them popping up, the more I need to try one.

    I doubt I'd be able to find a place here in Singapore that does it too... :(

    the runny-ness of the yolk in the above photo is perfect!