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Friday, 9 August 2013

iphone friday

iphone pics as per.

missoni converse. not mine of course. 
i prefer them in a more feminine finish.

my latest af-1 i.d's... crocodile leather.
a full review will be coming soon.

a starter i had in wales the other week.
scallops, chilli oil and some sort of yellow powder that looked like sherbet.
obviously i complained vigorously about the green stuff.

a strange welsh creature which i presume had been shot on the hotel grounds 

breakfast starter in wales.
orange segments, grapefruit, raisins, yoghurt and honey.
magic darts.

very skimpy breakfast in cymru.
how am i going to make mr breakfast appear out of this ?

hello mr breakfast. how are you today ?

i was in wales ok, but it was pembrokeshire.
a local told me there are welsh welsh and english welsh.
pembrokeshire was full of english welsh... or was it welsh english ?

anyway, i was assured that the union jack was welcome in pembrokeshire
so i had no qualms about debuting my bape union jack polo shirt.

in fact i was extremely happy to be wearing it as you can see from all three
views of my happy face.

what ?

cymru am byth.

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