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Thursday, 15 August 2013

food for thought

maybe i should have apologised for the way i commented on the food in yesterday's
blog post ?

no... i don't think so.

i appreciate the food probably tastes good and the chef was an absolute top bloke.
 i was just giving my opinion on the dishes, and you know if you look up
"fussy eater" in the dictionary, there will be a photo of me there.
( with a bag of chips )

so... more food today. these 6 photos were from a different restaurant,
one i've actually eaten at a few times.

i'm sorry but i can't see the point in sushi.
i like the red bits though. they remind me of women's gymnastics when they do that
thing on the floor... with the long ribbons.... you know.

er... if you had some of those little eye things you could make these into 5 aliens.
right ?

i'd like to think these things have meat inside them.

get out !

i've been shooting a lot of food recently that involves a bit of dry ice.
i guess it's becoming quite popular.
as you can imagine though, i would prefer to see it used on a more basic dish.
imagine a waiter bringing you over a plate of fish and chips with dry ice smoking
all over the shop.
it would be pretty sweet !

wow !

some sort of dessert with dry ice.
pretty spectacular stuff.

today's food was from circus by the way.
one of my favourite joints and a place with really nice staff.

tomorrow... maybe food, maybe cocktails...

or should i stick to iphone friday ?

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