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Monday, 5 August 2013

iphone monday

although i've slipped a few iphone pics in recently, it seems like a while
since i did a proper iphone friday.

so let me get rid of some of my phone pics today and give you iphone monday.

a poor attempt at making a flat white for myself at whitfield towers
a few weeks ago.

one morning before a shoot waiting for g-fog to turn up.
these lunarforce 1's are samples by the way.
they differ in a few subtle ways from the editions which eventually
hit the shelves.

my round the houses are by stüssy by the way.
it's been too hot for jeans recently, right ?

when i send out for an indian takeaway i always go for the same starters.

when i go to the monocle cafe i always go for bircher muesli.
this was a few weeks ago.
but i had exactly the same yesterday.

one of the best gadgets in my bag over the past few weeks.
a domo-kun hand fan.
this was a touch at the regents park open air theatre the other day.

this was when i was up north a couple of weeks ago.
chips, fish, mushy peas and curry sauce.
genius !
like a diamond bullet through the temple.

the next evening i had a more traditional northern dish.
chips, fish, mushy peas and gravy.

what ?

representing n7

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