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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

japanese food from above

some food pics today.

all from a shoot i did at a japanese place a good few months ago now.

in this edit i'm just showing you shots from directly above the plate.

of course i've no idea what it is.
i'll be honest with you. if it hasn't got chips on the plate i rarely take an interest.

this is pretty much the stuff of nightmares for me.
( carrots are my kryptonite )
also what's that big green thing all about ?
the only things i like here are the black plate and the brush.

six little dishes.
none of them contain chips.
how rude.

some sort of soup i guess.
surely some of those things in it are choking hazards ?
oh my word ! is that a carrot ?

it looks to me like tuna on a bed of custard.
but i'm just guessing.

i'm not going to tell you what i think this looks like.

i pride myself on my slicing skills but whoever sliced that apple is the boss !

a whole plateful of wrong.

a perspex box containing five coloured bowls.
personally i would have dropped one of them and replaced it with a bowl of chips.
then i would have replaced another with maybe two fish fingers.
then dropped a third for a bowl of mushy peas.
i would then have thrown away the remaining two bowls and just filled the perspex
box with chips and gravy.

what ?

so is that really a plate of meat and thinly sliced apple ?

i like the orange bowl

not if you paid me.


in fairness, though i'm rubbish with food i do take some decent photos.
this one i liked so much that i had it made into a business card.

i've still no idea what it is though.
maybe tuna on custard with two blobs of mustard ?

more 'proper' pics tomorrow.

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