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Friday, 23 August 2013

iphone friday ( including special guest pics )

a special iphone friday today.
i'll start off with some of my efforts but the last few pics will be 
iphone shots from a special guest star.

some more of my nespresso art.
this time, a converse logo.

a bathing ape logo ?

a self-portrait on the back of my leica m9.
you know the story.

new t-shirt alert.
thanks to anumberofnames for this bad boy.

this was on a shoot on tuesday.
 a sneaky corner table in a restaurant.
i think i'll go back to eat at this place one day, and this is the table
i will sit at.

heading home after my shoot on tuesday i did a detour via the monocle cafe.
i liked the look of these sticky buns... but i didn't have one.
you know me... i had a bircher muesli and a flat white.
if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
right ?

yesterday, rocking my krink 1 world af-1's.
here they are without flash.

and with flash.

i'll level with you.
i never thought i'd have a coffee and a bite to eat while standing at a urinal.

letter racks ?
toast racks ?

sock racks.

and now... over to this week's guest star. my friend chris
who lives in toronto, canada.

after seeing me rocking the london edition lunar forces chris went out and 
had a pair smuggled into canada.
even now at half-past august, these are still my favourite release of 2013.

now this is the genius iphone pic of the week.
chris made these food faces for his daughters and they are outstanding.
food that's all shades of orange and absolutely nothing green.
fishfingers, beans and crinkle cut chips.
what's not to like ?

i wish chris would cook for me.

( if anybody wants to submit a food face pic for inclusion here
just email them over to me )

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  1. nice artwork Mr Young. The plate on the left is half Bert | half Swedish chef.