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Wednesday, 28 August 2013


here are some food photos i took about a year ago.
you are probably better off just looking at the photos
and not reading my comments.

you know what i'm like with food.

i'm not sure what this is.
it looks like a plate of posh fruit if you ask me.

would i eat it ?
hmmm... i'd certainly eat some of it.

wow ! this looks nice.
a pear on say a biscuit with some sorbet and a bit of wafer.
what's that curly thing though ?
oh, do you think it's the pear skin ?

would i eat it ?

what the what ?!
pineapple, ice cream, bread or cake and er... is that grapefruit or is it fish roe ?

would i eat it ?
er, well i'd try, but i would certainly take those green bits out.

i have no idea if this is a starter or a dessert.
it was last november so i've forgotten.

would i eat it ?
no, i've had enough dessert already today.

wow ! 
i think it looks nice but like tea, it's not really my cup of tea.

er... i'm going to say that these are little empaƱadas or pies
and that they are all filled with beef, pork, chicken, chorizo
and have no vegetables in them at all.

that being the case, yes i'd eat them no problem.

get out !

oh look... a plate full of wrong.

i'm not sure what this is.
it could be some sort of genius curry, with three little bread rolls,
but it could be a vegetable curry.

i'll pass on this one thank-you.

i won't lie.
i can never be bothered with things that are challenging to eat.

if the inside of this crustacean is really tasty, i'd prefer the chef to do the work
for me and take it out of the bit that looks like predator and maybe rest it on a bed of chips. 

i think if i was faced with this dish i'd send bits of shell flying all over
the place, maybe towards other diners. that combined with the industrial language 
i'd be using and the fact that i'd be splashing that soupy stuff all over the table cloth 
and my shirt...

well, i think i'd have to pass on this dish thank-you anyway.

not if you paid me.

i like the colour orange ( apart from carrots )
but even if this was genius meat, and i get the feeling it might not be,
the fact that it's resting on that green stuff would really put me off.
do you think those little things on top are mushrooms too ?

well whatever they are they're not meat, fish or chips are they ?

would i eat this one ?
what do you think ?

i should point out just in case you haven't noticed, i'm a bit of a fussy eater.
no, really... i am.

i know the chef at this place is top man and i know the food is great.

it's just not really for me.

what do you reckon tomorrow ?

some new trainers perhaps ?
or maybe some cocktails ?

we'll see.

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