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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

some recent self-portraits

this was in a club in sw1
look how nervous the lad in the middle is.
though you can hardly blame him seeing as he's flanked by n7's finest

this was in what i like to refer to as "the sticks"
yes i'm modelling an n7 t-shirt.
yes i'm wearing proper shoes not af-1's.
no i wasn't attending a wedding, appearing in court or going to a strip club.

this was in a place so new that they had to make up a postcode especially for it
once again i'm modelling a friends and family edition n7 t-shirt.

and finally for today, this was at a venue in w1
where i felt compelled to pose up with my favourite dish that i shot that day.
i can't remember what it was officially called but it involved chicken being wrapped
in bacon ( or was it ham ) with a fried egg of some kind all sitting on a bed of leeks.

like me it was deeply welsh.

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