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Saturday, 31 August 2013

iphone saturday

breakfast last saturday morning.
i must admit, i had a bit of a "knocky-on" about the table i was given and also
about the hotel in general by this stage.
such was my mood that i couldn't even be bothered to make a mr. breakfast face.
grrr !

this was after breakfast and as you can see my mood had lifted and i 
was once again all smiles.

lunch was a touch. the hind's head in bray.
check out my starter... a scotch egg and chips.
now that right there is a serious snack.

my dessert was called a berry mess.
when i ordered it, the waiter asked how i felt about star anise...
( please insert you own punchline here )

though there was only one word suitable to describe this dessert
( magic darts )
i must admit, the star anise situation was getting a little out of hand.

a house face made up for me missing mr breakfast earlier in the day.

this was my pre-evening meal drink and snack.
proper crisps this time. none of those oyster things.

i was still rocking the clot x undefeated converse by the way.
( and yes benito... those red things stay on the shoes )
( and yes benito, they do zip up )

final pic for today was the last iphone photo i took last saturday.
my evening meal...
steak and a 'glasgow salad'

outstanding !

iphone sunday tomorrow then.

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