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Sunday, 18 August 2013

iphone sunday

two days late, here's iphone friday

 a t-shirt i got from the bape pirate store the other week.
sadly, it has a back print.

admiring my puerto rico edition af-1's the other week.
they were a usa exclusive but a friend of mine sent them over for me.
what a touch.

salted caramel truffles at the bull and last.
boom !

delivering an n7 t-shirt to m1 last week.

making a swoosh out of my japanese kitkats.
too much time on my hands ?

the inside of my shopping bag after a trip to the cornershop last friday.
i actually took this photo while i was sitting at the chinese take-away.
which can mean only one thing...

that's right.

saturday night and i was at the globe theatre watching some sort of scottish play.
it was most enjoyable, though i'm glad i had a seat. i'm not sure i'd have enjoyed it
so much if i had to stand up for the best part of four hours.

the view from the millennium bridge as i walked home afterwards.
not bad.

a flat white at vagabond. n7's premier coffee joint.

the end

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  1. isn't kit-kat supposed to be the u.k's most favourite choccy bar?

    maybe nike should do a kit-kat themed af-1?