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Friday, 2 August 2013

maxinutrition milk ( my talented friends. number 1 )

i mention friends of mine every so often.
sometimes i show photos of them or tell you rubbish stories about them.

but here's a thought. why don't i show you what they do ?
after all, it's my blog and i'm proud of each and every one of my friends.
each one is talented in their own way.

so, first in the series i'd like to show you something my mate neil* made
a few weeks ago.

i've know neil for years now. we've worked together in new york, mongolia, chile,
argentina, tonga, samoa and of course we have shopped, drunk too much beer
 and performed top notch karaoke in each of those places too.

the short video below is something neil put together recently.

i hope you agree that it's a cracking little video and a great concept to promote the drink.

it's quite possible, well ok it's a certainty, that if neil had made a video for say... reebok
i would not have shown it here, but maxinutrition products are actually things
i have first hand knowledge of.

and without turning this blog into an advert, let me tell you hand on heart.

they work. they really do work.

do i need to drag out my old men's health pics to prove it to you ?

ok my friends... who's up next ?

* a.k.a. alan batter

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