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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

late tuesday post

oops !
i nearly forgot to blog today.

this is all i have in my blog folder.
a pic of me looking happy in wc2 a couple of weeks back.

it's kind of hard to see what i was wearing but it looks like a navy blue bape polo.
hiut skinny selvage jeans and maharam n7 af-1's.

because it's not much fun just getting a pic of me today, here are a few more portraits
of the top japanese chef i mentioned yesterday.

i was warned that he was very strict and serious.
so i was happy to get one of him smiling.
i don't think he understood what the heck i was chatting about
but he kind of humoured me.

wow ! 
he really was in a good mood.

i think i must have been speaking rhyming slang or something.

oooh... that's more like it.

ok, food tomorrow.
which means nice pics of food with my stupid comments
about there being no chips.

you've been warned.

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