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Saturday, 29 March 2014

5 pics i just found

i was just tidying up folders on my hard drive and found these 5 pics.

i think i've shown some of them before but they're all quite nice
shots and there's no harm in me posting them again.

my breakfast one day in thailand last year.
ham and cheese omelette with some peppers, baked beans, hash browns
and some extra bacon ( for the win )

my next door neighbour the day she picked up her new motorbike.
she has a second bike now, a 900cc because this one wash't big
enough for her.

a photo shoot i bumped into on the great wall of china a couple of years ago.
grrr ! it was hot up there on the wall.
i'm glad i wasn't wearing a wedding dress.

talking of wedding dresses.

i love this pic. it has so much going on in it.
the bride having a moment to herself, the groom inspecting his buttonhole
( and no doubt wondering what the man utd score was )
two ladies getting changed into more sensible shoes for the walk to 
the reception ( and the charge of the light ale brigade )
the officials from st. paul's smiling politely and trying to hurry the group
away so they can pack up.
oh and on the right, a lady and her husband having "a few words"

some bloke who was one of the hired muscle at a shoot in a disused factory last year.
he was almost as keen on sitting down and posing as i was.


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