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Thursday, 20 March 2014

catching up with old photos and old friends

i don't know if i mentioned it but my birthday was in january.

january 13th as it goes.

those who know me will know how rubbish i am at sending emails,
sending birthday cards and telling short stories with punch-lines.

er, where was i ?

oh yes. 
an old friend ( one of my oldest friends ) sent this to me as a birthday present.

my immediate thought was to send it straight back to her as you know how i feel about tea.

but then again it does have an owl on it and i like owls 
( though not as much as i like foxes )
and though the colour looks a bit red here, it's actually orange in real life.

so reluctantly i decided to accept the gift and to wait for three months before saying 

moving on.

i bought some socks from a store in canada called haven
i can't praise haven highly enough.
they have a good website and the socks turned up in record time,
no excess customs charges, plus this little envelope was in the package

nice sticker on the back of the envelope

and inside
a thank-you card signed by the lad who packed my almonds.

what a sweet touch.


i mentioned i did a shoot last week with robo-cat
here's the second of the sole to sole pics we did
( she brought along two pairs of shoes for the shoot )

here's a shot that was always going to happen
good cop, bad cop.

and finally
ps. any comments about a good looking bird with skinny legs
and them using the eames house birds as a punchline are more than welcome.

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