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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

a rushed post on my way to wembley ( que sera sera )

i've got to be on my toes.

i'm off to a footy match tonight.
no, not the big one... not wales v iceland.

no, i'm off to wembley for england v denmark
and i'm running late.

so here's a predictable photo from my shoot yesterday

i was warned before the shoot that there was a large mirror
( or mrrrrr if you're from the usa )
in the room.

so i spent a lot of time avoiding getting myself or my camera in the shots.

it was a very successful shoot, maybe i'll show you the results tomorrow.

to celebrate how good my photos were looking and also the fact that they gave me
a pot of coffee ( or if you're learning spanish "unopotocoffee" ) and some
freshley baked shortbread biscuits...

er, where was i ?

oh yes, to celebrate how happy i was feeling, i took one shot using the mirror
( or mrrrr if you......... )

etc, etc.

right. how do you get to wembley ?

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