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Thursday, 27 March 2014

grabbing some peking duck


to re-wind a little bit.

remember my mickey mouse story the other day about trying to find a certain peking duck
restaurant in beijing ?

well when we finally found it, i started taking a few photos,
and here they are.

some ducks hanging around waiting for customers

a mains extension behind where i was sitting.

a sticker on one of the fridges in the restaurant.
any ideas ?

the main room in the restaurant.
it was a tiny little joint.
i'm pretty sure an estate agent would say it had character.

these lads were in a fridge in the main room of the restaurant.
you can see them on the right hand side of the previous pic.
i guess they were waiting to be taken to the oven.

this was the owner of the place.
he was a very nice chap.

some ducks in the oven.
you have no idea how hot i was taking this photo by the way.

one of the duck blokes just about to fill the oven 

did i mention it was hot ?

i went outside to cool off for a bit and to get some fresh air.
while i was outside griping i spotted this bloke hanging around.

i nipped back inside and saw the owner shredding ducks feet ( i think )
with his hands

his daughter was helping him too.

i'm no expert of course. i mean, i could be wrong.
but i think these were ducks feet.
or bits of ducks feet.
maybe the good bits ?

i poked about in the kitchen for a little while.
it was hot in there too.
the bloke on the left just kept throwing the cleaver onto the block.
the lad in the middle lazed around and the other one seemed to be doing all the work.

i tried to get a closer pic of some of the food but i must admit,
the bloke throwing the cleaver around was getting on my nerves
more than somewhat.

this was the order from our table.
i asked for chicken fried rice, chips and curry sauce.

i had two hopes.

what turned up at our table was a whole heap of dishes to share.
i have no ide what this was but i spotted some meat and armed with 
the worst chopstick skills in north london, i went for it.

ok... they might have been pulling my leg but i was told that this was a plate of duck intestines.

i was hank marvin by this point as i hadn't eaten anything since a sketchy
meal on the aeroplane maybe 6 hours previously, so i waded into the duck
intestines and pretended they were chips.

no idea what this was.
i didn't eat any though as i had just broken the world record for the number of
duck intestines eaten in a 5 minute period and was pretty full up.

i went for a wander around the place and saw this lad carving up 
an unlucky duck.
i thought at the time that he should have used a better knife. that cleaver looked a bit
over the top to me. but i was pretty fed up of having cleavers thrown near my
noggin at this point so i kept my thoughts to myself.

this was the restaurant's office.
i noted that they had certificates on the wall.
i didn't get close enough to see what certificates they were though.

i went back to our table for a drink and there was more food on offer.
no idea what it was but i'd guess duck, as that was the only creature i saw kicking around.

but as i said, i was pretty full.

after a little while we said goodbye to the owner and tried to find our driver.

if you're ever in beijing i would recommend you try to find li qun.
it is a very highly rated peking duck place.

but they don't do chips.

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