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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

on my coffee table this week

that's right.

it's back.

along with my promise to give you 6 days a week of proper photos
i am also going to bring back this feature on a regular basis.

maybe even the return of the odd competition too ?

anyway... here goes...

on my coffee table this week

book: what does the fox say ?

"based on the youtube phenomenon" it says on the cover
( though i have never seen it )

the book is very nice. it ticks a few boxes for me.
it has foxes, lots of orange and well... it's really stylishly illustrated.

dvd: much ado about nothing.

directed by joss wheldon while he had ( i think ) a week during the shooting
of 'avengers assemble' with nothing to do.
he roped in some of his friends, filmed them in his house and the did a
modern looking version of shakespeare's classic.
shot in black and white with the traditional dialogue.

i really enjoyed this film.

cd: 2013 by...

well it's a long story really.
a friend of mine started following my blog back in the day, and i think he 
recommended it to his friends.
one of them would comment occasionally and after a while started a blog of his own.

last christmas he sent me a cd of his favourite tunes of 2012
( oh... it's two years ago )
and this christmas he sent me another compilation, and this is it.

it was packaged very nicely indeed. a cardboard sleeve with 3-d glasses 
and a selection of polaroids.

what a great bit of style right there.

sadly there was no track listing.
i did however shazam a few of the tracks that i liked.
my favourite was called " the 2nd law : isolated system" by muse

so there you have it. 
a good looking book, a stylish film and a limited edition cd.

until next week then.

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