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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

magazine shoot in soho

a couple of weeks ago, on st. david's day in fact,
i had a shoot at a restaurant in soho for a sunday magazine.

here are a few pics from the shoot.

the magazine wanted an exterior photo of the place.
not my proudest moment but i guess sometimes magazines will run an exterior pic
so it has to be done.

the job was for a new client.
the brief was good, or rather it was quite an enjoyable brief.
apart from insisting on an exterior pic, they wanted some food shots, some wide interiors and also a few details.

here's one of the detail pics.
each table had a polaroid of one of the available dishes taped onto the wall.
i liked that idea.

another nice detail was the neon sign on the wall.
historically, soho and neon signs go together very well indeed.
i thought this was a great little touch.

i also liked the blackboard surrounded by fairy lights, with the specials of
the day chalked onto it.

i'm not sure about no. 4 to be honest.

this was the first wide interior i did.
you may remember that i did my traditional self-portrait from this angle.

the restaurant was a funny shape. i liked this narrow passageway
but wasn't too keen on seeing the vans and the sex shop out of
the window.
still... it's soho after all, what do you expect ?

this view was quite nice.
in hindsight i should have done a self-portrait with me sitting down
at the far table looking miserable.

i thought this was a good angle for say a fashion shot.
with a couple of girls or a boy and a girl sitting there.

i don't ordinarily shoot food in portrait format but while it was for a new
client i did a few landscapes and a few like this.

the lady at the restaurant kept offering me the food,
but honestly... can you see me eating this ?
oh... no disrespect, i'm sure it's lovely but i'm all about meat and chips,
you know that, right ?

these pork skewers were right up my street,
but i didn't tuck in.
my mind was on coffee and lemon drizzle cake, so i politely declined.

i was less polite about declining this one.

i mean... it's got some sort of crab's claw on it.

anyway, to sum up.
the restaurant was very nice. i liked the look of it, the food seemed good
and the people there were v friendly.

oh and guess what ? it got a blinding review.
it was in a magazine last sunday.

if you're in soho you should check it out.

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