snapshots and observations

Thursday, 6 March 2014

england v denmark

i went to wembley last night to watch england v denmark.

it was during the national anthems that i spotted my mate andy.
he's a sports photographer by the way.
can you see him ?

oh dear...
what a line-up.

£300,000 a week and he doesn't even play the full game.

kids eh ?

as i started walking home after the game, i received two messages.
one from somebody saying they thought they saw me on telly and the other
one was even better...

it was a picture message of a screen grab during the game.
there i am look... offering helpful tactical advice to raheem sterling.

any guesses as to what i was saying ?


  1. Replies
    1. nice guess, but i don't think i have any right to talk about decent haircuts.
      he has some rotten tattoos though... i could definitely have been shouting tattoo advice to him... but i wasn't.