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Sunday, 2 March 2014

behind the scenes on saturday's shoot

i had a shoot for a new client on saturday morning.

here are a few behind the scenes shots.

in a shock move i did my traditional self-portrait early on.
this was in fact the second frame i took on the shoot.

a neon sign in the restaurant.
i do like a bit of neon, though it always throws me to see it used
in an establishment that doesn't have strippers.

testing the flash using my watch and wristband as a subject instead of food.

assistant / food stylist

assistant / food stylist / restaurant marketing person

some sort of salad stuff

penultimate frame of the day.
me and my assistant / food stylist / restaurant marketing person / model

final frame of the day.
much the same but i took my specs off and swapped positions.

the end.

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