snapshots and observations

Monday, 3 March 2014

new york iphone pics

i know... i know...
breakfast on the go.
ham, egg and cheese wrap and a glass of oj.


finalhome at stüssy

finalhome, samurainy and me at stüssy

and again

a photographer, hard at it on the mean streets of soho.
i'd like to think his assistant is taking the box from under him

but he wasn't.
he was actually being very helpful.
( grrr ! to myself for saying "actually" )

some very nice pencils.

i found a shop in soho that sold finalhome's brothers

it was near this shop... the one where my friend 'g' works

what the what ?!

god bless american apparel.

coffee at the ace hotel.
always worth the queue.

traditional self-portrait in the hudson hotel. no.1
( the lift )

traditional self-portrait in the hudson hotel. no.2
( the escalator )

the final iphone shots from new york tomorrow.