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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

beijing trip

a couple of years ago i had a shoot in beijing.

over the next few weeks i'll share some of my photos here.

let's start today with the first photo i took in beijing, maybe an hour
after checking in to the hotel.
( it goes without saying that i probably did a self-portrait in my hotel room first though )
we were trying to find a peking duck restaurant and we had quite a few 
problems locating it.

we jumped out of our tour bus and had a look around where the driver
told us was the right location.
the above image was the wall where we were dropped off.

like photographing my hotel room door so i can remember the number,
i figured it was a good idea to photograph the wall where the driver left 
us at... you know, so we would know where to meet up with him later.

another bit of wall.
was that blood ?

i should point out, it felt like we had been left in a very 'dodgy' location.
it was a bit like south london in fact.

perhaps that was harsh on this area. in south london that bike 
would not have be there.

i think this was the name of the area we'd been told had the duck place.
we were getting warm
( though not as warm as some of the ducks were at this very moment )

yes... this was a very good sign
( for us, not for any ducks )

if it was my place i'd sell t-shirts with this logo on them.

but it wasn't my place.

the place actually had a number. i think were were told it was really hard to find 
because it was didn't have a proper address or number.
anyway, it was number 9 if you're interested.

it even had a proper sign painted onto the outside wall.

and a waiting area in case the place was full up.
it was empty when we visited.
also it was august
( not christmas )

we entered the restaurant and i noticed a few ducks hanging around.

do you want to see more tomorrow ?

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