snapshots and observations

Monday, 24 March 2014

iphone monday

iphone photos i had kicking around.

some ladies with cardboard cut outs of trigger's face.
they all have matching goodie bags too.
what's going on here ? 
any ideas ?

 me, at tate britain wearing something welsh.

the serpent took the rap over the whole apple episode.
the leopard and the bunny rabbit ( who i believe were the brains behind
the whole thing, got away scot free )

do you like cats ?

me neither.

i like this painting at tate britain very much.

though i keep wondering what the next frame is like.

my sunday lunch.
no carrots, no broccoli.
no apologies, no regrets.

talking of no apologies, no regrets.
when you get a moment.

me with a chip on a knife wearing an n7 t-shirt.

best tube station in london.

i went to see la niƱa and she'd put a flag out for me.

and finally for today...
don't forget your mum next sunday.
you know she's a bugger for the baileys, right ?


  1. right the trigger masks, a saturday after the legend past away RIP trig. was widely known as dave day where people went around calling everyone DAVE .. alright DAVE.... the chant of one broom he only had one broom was even herd on the terraces no not of stately homes but those of association football....

    1. oh.

      i used to see his daughter emily, buying fruit and veg at the place next to steve hatt's fish on essex road back in the day.

      i never saw trigger though.