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Sunday, 23 March 2014

the style of mrs w ( and a wedding )

i always show photos of me here.
perhaps too many ?

so for a change, here are some photos from yesterday that show the style
of another of n7's most respected residents... mrs w.

oh dear. what a bad start. i don't know who makes her jumper.
i'm going to say it's by marc jacobs though. it looks heavy but also light.
thick yet thin.
very nice.

skirt is definitely a marc jacobs piece. it's a bit like pony hair but really, really soft.

missoni x converse auckland racers to finish off the look.
double knotted too by the look of it.
all-in-all it's a big look from mrs w.

her accessories are kept to a minimum. a tasty watch

a tweed shoulder bag by porter, which i brought back from my
first trip to tokyo a few years ago.

attached to the strap of the bag, a caribiner with...

any guesses ?

and no, it's not a tube of lance armstong's urine.

and finally, one of my favourite things happened yesterday.
no, not arsenal getting thumped 6-0
( although that does rank up there on my list )

no, i didn't see my friend gerry get a round in
nor did i spot two girls kissing or a little dog wearing a hat...

no, i was in a cafe in russell square and i saw a wedding photographer
trying to arrange some group photos 
for me this kind of scene is better than telly.
it's pure gold.

personally i loved the fact that two of the bridesmaids had tattoos
on their feet. they had quite beautiful dresses and shoes and then 
quite big tattoos on their feet / ankles.

before anybody moans, i'm not knocking tattoos, i have 4 myself.
i just mean that it looks interesting and makes for a nice photo.

maybe tomorrow will be iphone pic day.
i went to an interesting place last night and only had my phone to take photos with.

until then...


  1. What's in the vial? Some sort of wild bear repellent? I really like the old school barb wire around the arm in wedding pictures. I think where people go wrong with foot tattoos is they think you can only do script or something small when in fact a large piece looks infinitely better. And colour always.

    1. it's actually some sort of perfume stuff that you put on your nails. maybe it's to fix the skin around nails but it's definitely perfumed too..

      with regard to the barb wire around the arm tattoos, i find they only work on bulkier bridesmaids. a foot tattoo of either a dragon or perhaps rosary beads around the ankle seems much more suited to skinnier bridesmaids.