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Monday, 17 March 2014

i hate monday

to be honest, i don't mind monday at all.

but these socks arrived at whitfield towers the other day
emblazoned with a slogan even more severe than the one the boomtown rats
came up with back in the day.
i believe they ( the socks ) are from korea, which may explain the second line...
"we are making the unique"

thy have a nice little transfer on the sole too
i do like a sock transfer.

in fact, i do like socks.

a lot.

did i ever tell you about some socks that i'm designing ?

i do feel that it's almost time to tell you all about sockclub london.

hmmm... perhaps i'll tell you at the end of the week ?

in the meantime
have a look at these bad boys

by norse projects
a product of the cold cold north.

and these
blue colour chart socks by fragment design x uniform experiment

nice sock transfers right there.

a different transfer on the left and right sock.
now there's an idea.
why didn't i think of that ?

wait a minute... i did.

i'll tell you all about it this week.

maybe i'll tell you more about some af-1's too.
oh hello...

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