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Sunday, 16 March 2014

more iphone pics

ok, i'm going to try to revert to last year's blog tactics from now on.
proper photos for six days and iphone pics on one day.

let's call it iphone sunday.


doing a good deed for my sister-in-law...
oh, it's a long story but i found these old nike's.


new furniture alert at whitfield towers.
an eames storage unit.

does the laurel and hardy theme come to mind here ?
or how about "right said fred" by bernard cribbins ?

in position. now i just need to fill it with trainers and socks.

tidying up the towers one day i found these sketches that la niƱa did
years ago during a holiday in new york.
that's mrs w on the left and me on the right.

a sticker spotted in my street.

my friend chris proudly showing off the chip jumper i bought for him
in front of 18,000 people at an ice hockey game in toronto.

last sunday we got dressed up.

and i met my auntie for the first time in 20 years.
prison had treated her well and she was on good form.

on monday last week i debuted my new tripod.

and spotted a neat barman's station.

last tuesday i had a shoot at this restaurant.
they were supposed to be ready for me at 11am.
when i arrived, this was the scene.
i had to carry downstairs all the gas canisters, the boxes of wine and the laundry.
i then had to take all the chairs off the tables and then the staff turned up and 
helped set-up the tables. i did all the wine glasses but the others did the rest.
honestly, by the time the place was ready to photograph, i felt like i'd done a shift.

grrr !

oh. this is another delivery that turned up while i was there.

hmmm... it didn't quite fit in the box properly did it ?

afterwards i met up with the boss for a coffee

and a cake
( lemon flavour )

don't you just hate people photographing their coffee and cakes though ?

what ?


  1. hmm, I was debuting my new tripod last month, and funnily enough, it looks just like the one you debuted here.

  2. looking very sharp in #9. purdey and steed come to mind, but without the bowler and cane!