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Thursday, 28 October 2010

the coal hole ( iphone pics )

last night i met up at the coal hole on the strand with my old mate pedro.
the coal hole is a great boozer ( as is pedro )
there he is getting some drinks in. classic pose, arms wide apart
gripping the bar letting the barman know exactly who he should serve next.

two pints of landlord
landlord is a great beer. it's not a common beer, but i believe there is no shortage of it.
i'm pretty sure the brewery makes plenty enough of it to go around.

i don't think pedro is of the same opinion as me though. he seemed to 
be drinking it as if every pint might be the last. in fairness, the way he was putting it away
the brewery will have to call in extra staff to replenish their stock.

i kept up with him for as long as i could. we told old gags, we reminisced
about mongolia and chile. we talked nonsense, we laughed, we had a great time.

i have absolutely no idea how i got home. i know i walked for quite a way.
i'm not saying it was in the right direction, but i do remember doing a lot of walking.

one thing i do remember is taking this photo in the lift up to whitfield towers
when i eventually found n7...
now how did that get there ?

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