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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

marc jacobs wellingtons

i'm just about to start photographing a very interesting project for an architect.

an amazing house is being built and it's going to be featured on channel 4's grand designs programme... ( at some point in the future )

i'm going to be documenting it all the way and i'm going to need something a little
more hard wearing in the footwear department than a pair of suede air force 1's.
i dropped by today and the place was like a... well, like a building site.

yes... i'm going to need to buy some wellies. now where is the best place to buy
some industrial footwear ?... of course... marc jacobs !

boom !
oh yes.

that's what i'm talking about

they didn't have the pink ones in my size so i had to go with the blue / yellow editions
i don't think the builders will give me any grief at all tomorrow when i turn up wearing these bad boys.

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