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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


i realise this is possibly the worst post since the one about my kitchen shelves but...

i just found these in my supreme backpack that i took to porto a few weeks ago.
two flyers and a business card that i thought were interesting

first up
i'm not sure but i think this is advertising a bar.
it stood out a mile from the other flyers... nice and simple.
a bit of a julian opie style perhaps ?

next up, a business card for a restaurant...
i liked that this is actually made out of plastic. it's credit card size and has the feel of
something special, say a club membership card...
i like that the printing is on a bit of a slope, but best of all i like the printed illustration of the waiter. 
oh, also isn't braga spanish for knickers ?

lastly and somewhat predictably this flyer caught my attention
dj marky in full effect.

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