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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

what i ate at eight over eight

here's the scene at eight over eight last night
ok, i only had my fisheye lens with me at this time... the black things at the bottom corners are my elbows !
so, on the left we have chilli fried rice. this was genius and had a serious kick.
to the right of the rice is some sort of salad with duck involved with it. obviously i didn't eat any of this.
the thing in the centre of the pic is a rib-eye steak with some sort of sauce and some salad type decorations that got on my nerves.
above the steak on the right is blackened cod with misu sauce.
the cod was fantastic. the steak and rice too.
oh i also had a couple of bottles of asahi. 

many thanks to ashley for this and also to clinton for looking after us.

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